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"what's justice?"

We sit down with Prof. Adam Seligman of Boston University's Department of Religion to discuss his experiences and stories about youth spent on the Kibbutz, as well as memories from his time in Israel, and reflections from his work on the international NGO Communities Engaging with Difference And Religion (CEDAR). 

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More or Less Human was conceptualized in 2018 by Connor Storck and brought to fruition in 2019 with the help of  producer Nadav Pais-Greenapple and the Michigan State University College of Arts & Letters.

Through engaging audio narratives on such subjects of history, religion, anthropology, and more, More or Less Human explores the diversity of the human experience in hopes that we can push our listeners and ourselves to think more deeply about the world we share.


connor james storck,

host & creator

A graduating senior at Michigan State University, Connor is finishing his degree in Religious Studies. His research follows the development of identity in contemporary religious communities.

He will continue his education as a Master's Student at Rice University in Houston.


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